Andres Rodriguez

Network Engineer and SysAdmin | MCIS - Cybersecurity | CCNA | AWS CCP | MTCNA


Engineer with over 5 years of experience and a track record of driving continuous improvement initiatives and achieving measurable outcomes.


Zuliana de Plásticos, C.A.

(Supporting) Network Engineer | Technical Lead

September 2020 - Present / VE

Efficiently maintained and troubleshooted a robust IT infrastructure, encompassing virtualized VMWare ESXi server services, including Windows Server, Kerio Control Firewall, Centralized ESET Antivirus, intranet, Ubiquiti UniFi Wi-Fi controller, and Synology NAS file server. Ensured uninterrupted operations and achieved optimal performance across diverse systems.
Projects / Key Achievements:
  • - Automation of tasks using scripting tools: Enabled remarkable operational efficiency by automating critical tasks, including streamlined backups, file transfers to Synology NAS, personalized printer configurations based on user IP, VPN setups, Windows Registry management, and seamless failure recovery for Ubiquiti AP, utilizing powerful scripting languages like PowerShell, Bash, and Python.
  • - IoT Wi-Fi Network Optimization: Revamped IoT Wi-Fi network, boosting IP Cameras' stability from 60% uptime to flawless 100% uptime and increasing functionality from 50% to perfect performance by eliminating signal issues.
  • - Marketing and Sales SAP Business One SQL Queries and Stored Procedures: Boosted marketing and sales efficiency by 100% through coding of SQL queries and stored procedures in SAP Business One, delivering real-time and accurate KPI reports while eliminating end-user errors and saving valuable analysis time for the sales team.
  • - Disaster Recovery Procedures: Significantly enhanced disaster recovery protocols by designing comprehensive procedures to safeguard, backup, and implement a sequential recovery plan, slashing recovery time for various processes and ensuring data integrity.
  • - Disaster Recovery Time Reduction: Achieved 50% faster disaster recovery time for critical HPE server, leveraging advanced Data Duplication tools and seamlessly restoring corrupted files within VMWare ESXi's booting system, all within a bootable Linux environment.
  • - Support Ticket System: Implemented an efficient support ticket system using OST Ticket on Synology NAS, streamlining IT troubleshooting across departments, while introducing a performance KPI to enhance coordination and resolution of IT-related issues.
  • - Third-Party Streamline Communication: Streamlined communication with third-party software consultants, reducing paid consulting hours by an 40% through issue resolution and effective coordination, optimizing efficiency and minimizing external dependencies.
  • - Drove excellence by designing and implementing ISO 9001-based Quality Management System documentation for the IT department, serving as internal auditor for annual audits, ensuring adherence to standards and enhancing organizational quality.

Zuliana de Plásticos, C.A.

Manufacturing Operations Engineer

May 2018 - September 2020 / VE

Led seamless maintenance and production management for two disposable plastic cups thermoforming lines, optimizing equipment functionality and surpassing production goals. Oversaw 1 Operator and 3 Line Helpers per line, utilizing effective maintenance tools and strategies, resulting in increased productivity and reduced downtime.
Projects / Key Achievements:
  • - Led comprehensive training and mentorship of a diverse team of 14 operators across multiple thermoforming plants. Provided instruction in basic electricity, PLC fundamentals, and reading and interpreting electrical drawings based on IEEE/ANSI 315-1975 norm.


Scripting Grimoire

Curated repository featuring a comprehensive collection of my PowerShell, Bash, and batch scripts. Includes powerful tools for file management, VMWare ESXi operations, MySQL backups, VPN configuration with registry editing, and certificate creation using OpenSSL.

Sap Business One Queries

Robust compilation of SQL queries I've meticulously crafted, employing techniques such as multiple joins, unions, and temporal tables. These queries enable efficient data retrieval and analysis in SAP Business One, empowering informed decision-making

OnClickService - FrontEnd(React) - BackEnd(Python, SQLALchemy)

A full-stack REST API interactive web application that enables users to offer their services at a fixed or a variable price, with a built-in log-in authentication (JWT Tokens), the ability to filter services by categories, and a review system for the users to request such services and rate them.


MCIS - Master in Cybersecurity

Centro Europeo de Postgrado y Empresa - (2021 - 2022) — 3.55 GPA

Full Stack Developer Bootcamp

4 Geeks Academy (2022 - 2022)

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) Electronics Engineering with a major in Automation and Control of Processes

Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín - (2013 - 2019) — 3.58 GPA

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) Mechanical Engineering

Universidad del Zulia - (2012 - 2018) — 3.08 GPA


AWS Solutions Architect Associate - SAA — Credential ID: 4XSF135K7NV11GWY

Cisco Certified Network Associate - CCNA — Credential ID: b51ff8359ffc4cd7af5995ecde51420d

Fortinet Networking Security Expert Level 3 - FNSE — Credential ID: vg8LZtGC1e

MikroTik Certified Network Associate - MTCNA — Credential ID: 2305NA2654

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - CCP — Credential ID: 29CPQ2Y1RME41L9Z



Bilingual Proficiency (CERF C2)




A2 Proficiency

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